Dear Friends and members of the Left Green party!

I ask for your support to lead the Left greens in the next elections for City Council. I am 42 years old and I live in Háaleiti with my husband and two children. I have a degree in Sociology and Gender studies and am a licensed Teacher. I have been active in the Left greens for 17 years and done much work for the party, including being Party Secretary for four years. I am now a vice City councillor for the Left Green party.

My vision has always been clear, to work in the interest and welfare of the citizens in a wide sense of that term. Welfare, feminism, housing, education and the welfare of children and human rights for all are among the things I constantly work towards. Together we can create a human, green, cultural and democratic city – for us all.

I will continue to work towards a better society. We need to continue to build affordable housing, end child poverty and work against the marginalisation of our citizens. We need to secure education, kindergartens and school meals for all children. We need to work for equality and end violence against women. Our city needs good public transportation, more city lanes, green public areas and continue to build housing for all, without compromising nature and the citizens. 

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